Todraž 15
4224 Gorenja vas
Telefon: +386 4 510 7570

About the company 

The beginnings of Breza Commerce d.o.o. date back to 1991 and the sole proprietorship of Edo Oblak; today he is the company manager and is in charge of procurement, sales and finance. Three years later, he was joined at the company by his brother Grega, today the wood centre manager in charge of procurement and sales. The company is going from strength to strength; today we have nine full-time employees and a further four external associates working as commercial clerks and manipulators.

The biggest milestone in the development of the company was the construction of a sales and logistics centre in Todraž in 2005-2006. Thanks to the new centre, we were able to carry on with our operations and increase the volume of business.

We are a leading company in the wood industry. We deal in the procurement, preparation, drying and selling of cut wood, the purchase and sale of logs and the import and export of wood. In the last decade, we have established our position on the Slovenian market as one of the fastest growing companies. We are distinguished by our size, which offers greater stability, accessibility, flexibility and presence in the Slovenian and foreign markets. We supply wood to over 500 carpenters and wood processing companies in Slovenia and abroad. Our clients generally stay with us for the long run; familiarity with their needs and requirements allows us to optimise our stock of wood.

Our range comprises more than 60 types of sawn wood, conifer logs and high value deciduous tree logs, elements and deck wood.

About the company

  • Name: Breza Commerce, d.o.o.
  • Adress: Todraž 15
  • Postcode and town: 4224 Gorenja vas
  • Municipality: Gorenja vas-Poljane
  • Telephone: +386 4 510 7570
  • Mobile Edo Oblak: +386 41 634 599
  • Mobile Grega Oblak: +386 41 651 897
  • Fax: 04 518 1470
  • E-mail:
  • Website:
  • Managing director: Edo Oblak
  • Company registration no.: 5337844
  • ID number for VAT or company tax number: SI72959592
  • The company’s main activity code: C 16.100
  • Number of full-time employees: 10

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